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At MacNally opticians we love our spectacles, and nothing should be a substitute for the “style” and “look” that can be achieved with a fabulous pair of specs.

Having that said, there are times when you don’t necessarily want to wear your specs. Contact lenses are a fabulous addition to your eyewear options!

The lenses allow for great convenience as they won’t fog up in warm/cold conditions or with the wearing of face masks. You can exercise unencumbered in them.

You can play sports / go to the gym without worrying about sweating all over or damaging your specs.

They won’t ever clash with your outfits!

Contact lenses are more comfortable now than they’ve ever been as they offer:

– Better vision correction

– Suit most age groups

– Better materials allow for a longer days wear

– Get a 360-degree view!

– Great freedom for drivers.

Of Course, you need to develop good habits when wearing contact lenses. For example, clean hands when handling them and regular checkups with us to ensure best-fit, comfort, and vision.

The top things you must NOT do when wearing contacts:

– Sleep in your lenses

– Shower/swim or use a jacuzzi or hot tub in them.

With that being said, we traditionally recommend daily disposable contact lenses, so you are putting fresh, sterile, new contact lenses into your eye each time you choose to wear them.

The contact lenses of today are designed to be breathable, moisture preserving, and comfortable as well as offering excellent vision correction.

Visit us for a contact lens assessment to determine your suitability and trial some lenses before you even have to commit to a full supply.

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