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Sunspecs are an extremely important fashion accessory. It suggests power, prestige, and mystique and is also designed to, quite simply, keep the sun out of your eyes!

There are so many examples of sunspecs being used in visual culture as a key prop, to inspire cool, or even as a means of glamourous detachment.

It is one element used in building the success of modern celebrities, whether it’s flashbulbs, studio lights, or the sun of exotic holidays. For most of us, of course, we want to look and feel great wearing our shades but there are very good practical reasons for wearing good quality shades too.

We, at Mac Nallys, have a fabulous selection and want to help you feel fabulous while protecting your eyes.

Just like we use SPF on our skin, the same should apply to protecting our eyes from harmful UV light from the sun.

– They can be made with prescription lenses: Prescription sunspecs are a beautiful thing, for ease of driving, enjoying your book, or reading your menu whilst dining alfresco.

– You can also get light reactive Transitions™ lenses that will respond to the level of sunlight that they are exposed to, offering convenience and versatility.

– They can be polarized for even clearer vision: Polarized lenses are an even higher quality anti-glare lens. Light-reflecting off surfaces, the glare of the sun on cars, and water can be unbearable but polarized lenses do a great job of shielding you from this glare to give you the clearest vision possible.

Here are some great reasons you should wear great quality sunspecs, not just for summer.

– They can help prevent future eye health conditions: Sunglasses are a key tool in preventing the early onset of cataracts and macular degeneration, both of which can impair your vision.

– They shield your eyelids: Sunglasses are bigger than regular eyeglass frames. It protects the sensitive skin around your eyes from harmful and aging UV rays and reduces wrinkles by avoiding squinting.

– Sunspecs help prevents eye strain: Ever go to the beach or drive your car and you’ve forgotten your sunspecs? Uncomfortable right? Prevent eyestrain, tearing, fatigue, and even headaches by throwing on a quality pair of shades before you leave the house.

But let’s face it sunglasses are downright cool, so treat yourself to a beautiful pair at Mac Nally Opticians on the Green.

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